Spring is Carpenter Bee Season!

Ah, the joys of spring!  New plants emerging from the once-frozen ground, fresh green grass growing, the sun radiating its glowing warmth for a much-needed dose of Vitamin D, and carpenter bees swarming around your house!? Wait, what?

Now is the time when you will begin to see swarming activity from those pesky carpenter bees. Log & Timber Worx can help!  We can perform an inspection of your log home to pinpoint bore sites, treat the site directly (killing the host and the larvae), and perform a topical NBS-30 solution to your home to get a leg up on controlling those carpenter bees this year!

While the NBS-30 treatment is a great way to eliminate existing carpenter bees, the best strategy to keep them away is shown through our six-step solution.

Step 1: Inspect your log home for new or existing bore sites.

Step 2: Attack the bore site with Drione that will kill the larvae and the host.

Step 3: Keep your log home clean!  An annual sanitation wash is a critical maintenance step for enhancing the life of your protective coatings, keeping your logs clean, and preserving your asset while keeping the bees away.

Step 4: Clean your gutters!  Clean gutters can transport water away from your home far more effectively than when they are dirty. Wet wood is much more attractive bore site for carpenter bees. Dry wood equals healthier wood.

Step 5: Topical and regular application of NBS 30.

Step 6: Follow the recommended re-stain cycle.