This off-season brought over 100 continuing education hours to EACH team member of Log and Timber Worx. We learned from listening to our team last year. They unanimously said that the best way we can serve our customers better is to continue to gain meaningful knowledge about our craft. The leadership team at Log and Timber Worx responded with an offseason full of life-changing experiences for the team:

Paul Peebles, with Sashco came down in the late fall of 2020 to spend 4 days with our team talking and educating us on the fine art of log home chinking. We found a wonderful customer that had just purchased a 200-year-old traditional chinked log home. We media blasted the inside and prepped the log surfaces for Paul and our team to re-chink the entire inside of the structure.

Onsite learning with Sashco

Screenshot_2021-03-31 LTW 2021 Season Kickoff with Constant Contact

David Hernandez applying Grip Strip, a critical step in acquiring the necessary 2 point adhesion giving these chink joints long life.


Paul working with Vern Emswiler on the proper application techniques for Log Jam Chinking.


Yee Ung working tirelessly to lay a solid Grip Strip foundation for the new chink joint.


Paul Peebles with Sashco teaching us the finer points of Log Jam chinking.


The finished chink joints. Ready for Sashco’s Interior Symphony!

Lifelong Learning Center

The team also spend countless hours in our in house Lifelong Learning Center on an assundry of critical topics such as:

  • Elements of Sashco’s Zero Failures Course
  • Thermal Imaging and Caulking Techniques
  • Stain preparation and application
  • Masking and Log Home prep
  • Ladder Safety Certification Course
  • Chemical Safety
  • OSHA Guidelines
  • Roof Cleaning Principles
  • House Washing Principles
  • Wood Restoration Principles