Log Home Maintenance: Why Caulking & Sealing Matters

You live in a log home for its character, for its charm, and for its design. And with professional preventative maintenance, you can enjoy the benefits of these qualities for years to come.

Protect Your Home and Its Curb Appeal

You can think of caulking or sealant as your home’s suit of armor. Every property deserves the benefit of protection – and our service will ensure that your property is always prepared.

There’s caulking and sealing, and then there’s professional caulking and sealing. We deliver the latter. So, you get a service that is:


  • Customized
    We tailor the caulk or sealant product to the needs of your property. One thing that remains consistent? We only source from the best suppliers to ensure that you get quality that lasts.
  • Stain-accepting
    Your caulk or sealant should meld into the rest of your home’s design. Using products that are stain-accepting, we ensure that the application integrates seamlessly into your exterior.
  • UV stable
    Your home exterior is constantly exposed to the elements. We use sealants and caulk that won’t fade or warp under stress from the sun’s rays.
  • Enduring
    All our applications are designed to benefit your home for the long run. This means that you’re getting results that truly last.


Essential Home Maintenance Made Simple

We’re invested in the long-term health of your home. That starts with some key maintenance measures – and sealing and caulking should always be at the top of that list. We make it simple to give your exterior the care it needs as a:


  • Certified Zero Failures Contractor
    This global certification course provides industry-leading training on the science of wood sealing, finishing, and maintenance. Our team is proud to bring industry-leading expertise to your property.
  • Local expert
    We’ve lived and worked in the South all our lives. In other words? We know log homes. And we know what they need to succeed.


Log & Timber Worx is proud to be your resource for quality-driven results in caulking and sealing. With our experts on the job, your home is always ready for success – today, and for years into the future.